Note to Self - Understanding and leveraging one's Body Clock

This thing has been running on my mind for long. I have reflected a lot on this too.

My thoughts are specifically about three activities which are key to my lifestyle.

1. Work i.e Trading - I cannot do much about the timing here, its fixed. But Yes I know I am a better trader in the mornings.

2. Creative Work - This includes blogging, writing, reading, and every thing else that I do. Early mornings 5 to 6 works best here for me. For work such as carpentry etc. weekends are best.

3. Exercise/Running - Here, I need a bit of glucose in my body, perhaps a cup of coffee and I am good to go. I have observed my ability to exercise in the mornings anytime between 6 to 8 is far far better than any other time slot. 

With these three things sorted, I plan all other activities in the leftover time slots. This is obviously a work in progress. 

I still remember one of my colleagues at work used to talk about Cognitive time vs. Chronological time, only now I have been able to grasp as to what he was alluding to.