Announcement - Educational Explainers - Trading Indexes - NIFTY


Over the past few months, we received several emails asking us to explain the whole idea of “Market Internals”, and in our attempt to explain things we typically had to start with the basics.

This series is a conversation, where Kavitha is asking all the basic trading questions you would ask and my response to them is an attempt to help you ease into what it means to trade the markets.

We are calling it Explainers, as the word suggests we would get down to the brass tacks of why the Market Moves. Our attempt to explain would be evidence-based and we would avoid conjectures as far as possible.

In the initial few topics you would have access to, is a three part explainer on trading indexes in India.


While we have a set of topics we think will add value, to both absolute novices and developing traders, understand the nuances of trading indexes, do suggest other topics that you think NiftyScalper should add to the mix.

Happy trading!

Here’s the first one from the series - What is an Index and how do we trade them?

Welcome aboard K7!

I am excited to announce that Kavitha (K7) is joining NiftyScalper as a Performance Coach!


K7, a former Global Learning Manager in the financial industry, she played a huge role in embedding a coaching culture within the organization. She is a unique blend of a Coach who can also trade.

Drawing on her experience to ask tough questions and take NiftyScalper in a new direction and roll out Trading Performance focused offerings, I welcome her to join the team.

“Trading is such a performance oriented profession, but people focus a way too much on the mechanics to the extent of completely ignoring the role that one’s ‘mind’ plays.” - Kavitha (K7)  

Content creation and curation is another forte that K7 will leverage at NiftyScalper. I look at K7 to re-create that performance magic for serious traders who would like take a more holistic approach in their journey to become better traders.

I am super excited to have her aboard. Welcome K7!

Workshop - Craft of Scalping | 10th Feb'18 - Bangalore

Making a an announcement about the upcoming workshop on the "Craft of Scalping". This is what I intend to cover in it

  • Market Statistics & Probabilities based approach
  • Focus on NIFTY only – One Market, multiple trades, size big philosophy!
  • Intraday only strategy - No overnight risk!
  • Free access to trading room for two months (Only for Early birds)
  • Key Topics
  • Probability Basics
  • NIFTY Market Back-tested Probabilistic Setups
  • Position Sizing & Trade Management
  • Execution Platforms and related Customization
  • Trading Psychology
  • Trading as a Business

Pre-requisite and Disclaimers

  • You should either be or looking forward to be a full time trader to benefit from this approach.
  • You need to understand the basics of Options and Option Greeks and a statistical bent of mind. We trade NIFTY Options with Nifty Futures as reference largely due to cost advantages.
  • You need to understand that it would take at least 6 months to understand and profit from this method - the workshop is only a beginning, skill building takes time, commitment and practice. If you cannot afford to put in the above, please don't even bother to get started.
  • Trading or Scalping is a business and can work only as a primary business, this is not something to be done on the side, this is not a hobby.
  • My method aims to teach you how to capture 10 to 25% of the range on a given day.
  • My method is an adapted form of Probabilistic trading, designed for scalping NIFTY Options, the two links and references below will give you a sense of the approach- a)  b) c) ORB Trade adapted from - Toby Crabel and Mark Fisher - This is one of the fundamental parts of the approach. 
  • You need to understand that it is NOT a get rich quick scheme.
  • You need to understand that this is not an advisory or tip providing service.

Venue - Grand Mercure, Koramangala, Bangalore

Date & Time - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on 10th of Feb'18

Early Bird Offer - Rs. 10,000 - Pay here - (Only 2 seats remaining as of now) if this gets filled your next choice is the the full fees - Rs. 15,000 - pay here

Ladies get a 50% discount on the full fees - Pay here

*Free for the physically challenged - Please contact me on mail or through the contact form.

For anything else feel free to reach out to me through the contact page or email.