Welcome to NiftyScalper - Mentoring

If you are reading this page it’s perhaps because you are curious about Scalping or you are new to the financial markets and keen to develop your knowledge in this space. Whether you are up-skilling or you have some experience in trading, but think something in your approach is not working too well and needs refining or you are a complete novice, we have something for you.

Through this course, at NiftyScalper, we would be assisting you in familiarizing yourself with all the various parts of scalping, and more importantly learning to put them together in your-own-way, in a way that works for you. As they say – there are a thousand ways to skin a cat. You need to find the one that works for you, and if I may add – all this while keeping a close tab on what works for others.

With that covered, let’s get down to the brass tacks.

What will I learn in this program? You can choose both or each part separately

Part 1 : Scalping Basics

This module is only for those who are new to trading and covers only basics, not recommended for those who have traded derivatives already

  • Basics of the Index Futures and Options (Focus on Intraday Setups / Indian Markets)

  • Basic understanding of three back-tested / proven setups for NIFTY

  • Brokerage & Trade Execution Platform Selection

  • Trading Psychology - The mindset need to get started

Part 2 : Craft of Scalping - Mentoring Program

  • NIFTY Market Structure, Correlations and Intraday Probabilities.

  • High Probability Intraday Setups - NIFTY Only

  • What drives NIFTY? - Market Internals vs. Derivative Products

  • Market Profile, Order-flow and the truth! - Why these things don’t offer an edge?

  • Indicators - Do they help?

  • Using Market Internals as Signals

  • Position Sizing, Entry/Exit strategies & Risk Management

  • Use of charting tools and brokerage selection – To maximize reliability, reduce costs

  • Individual access to the mentor for deeper learning

  • Live Trading - Hand-holding

How does this Mentoring Process work?

The mentoring process described below is for only for (Craft of Scalping - Mentoring Program), we start with a learning module which is delivered online through Skype. You would need to have access to Internet during the Mentoring process also need to have access to specific websites/charting tools e.g. Zerodha Kite or Upstox.

The learning has two parts,

Part 1 - Foundation (Approx. 6 to 8 Hours) - This would cover the "Knowledge" of NIFTY (Probabilities) and Trade Execution techniques; Based on the individual participant's current level of knowledge, we would customize this part. But then, what use is the knowledge which cannot be applied, therefore in Part 2, we devote a large chunk of the course to actioning the learning from Part 1.

Part 2 - Live Trading (On Slack/Whatsapp) - Based on feedback from various participants from other programs we gather that one of the things which retail traders miss out on, is the shared learning and tacit knowledge sharing which happens in a professional environment, to overcome that, we devote 5 days to live coaching. This addresses the "Holy Grail" of trading education i.e how to think probabilistically as the market structure develops.

As they say, "After the event, even a fool is wise". Same is true for markets, after the market close everyone knows if it was a trending day or a mean reverting day, the skill lies in making probabilistic short-term forecasts during the market hours and taking trades accordingly. That is where "NiftyScalper's Live Trading" sets you apart.    

Finally : Is this program for me?

This Mentoring Program is designed for people serious about making trading a career, people who trade full time or intend to do so in near future. This program is especially useful for those of you, who would not want to spend hours reading books and blogs and watching videos on youtube, with no specific direction, instead would prefer a more distilled, one-on-one, self-paced learning experience over longer time-frames

More importantly you will get to work with a full-time professional trader, and gain insights on managing larger funds.

I must clarify that the methods discussed can be implemented or practiced only if you are available all through the trading hours of the market.  

To know more about the program and the fees, put in your email address below and we will reach out to you within 24 hours.  

*  If English is not your preferred language of communication, the course can be offered in Hindi as well, feel free to let us know.

*  If you are a novice and want to start scalping from scratch we may have some options for you – please contact me directly at Sandeep Rao