Book Review - High Profit Trading Patterns by Kora Reddy

For a while I have been on the lookout for a book on Indian Indexes. Recently a fellow trader recommended this book and I thought of giving it a read. Thanks to my dyslexia I am not a big reader of books, but given that I didn't have any choice here, I thought of reading it.

Before I share my thoughts on the book here are a few excerpts from the book which resonated with me.


I only wish people understand this fact about indicators. 


As Larry Williams says, patterns form because of the way humans/human emotion reacts to the price, and human reaction of greed and fear does not change. 


I have spent months and months looking at footprint charts to see if it could give me a edge in scalping, and I didn't find any. Took some time to realise that price by itself is good. 


This one is gold according to me, I think this is something I share with all developing traders that work with me.

With the excerpts covered here are my thoughts on the book.

  • This is a first of its kind, in terms of a book which uses NIFTY 10 year historical data to analyze price patterns.
  • Very objective and measured in its approach. 
  • A good primer to understand NIFTY
  • A good start to get ideas about testing NIFTY data and creating your own trading set ups.
  • A must read for anyone trading NIFTY on any time frame.

Here is the Amazon link for you, i.e if you want to buy the book. High Profit Trading Patterns Paperback – by Kora Reddy

Request - For heavens sake don't photocopy this book or buy a pirated version. That's the best way to dis-incentivize more people from writing a book.