Quora Question - What is the best technical course in trading for developing myself as a professional trader?


What is the best technical course in trading for developing myself as a professional trader?

I wish there was a simple answer to this question like - These are the top 5 trading universities in the world, write the TMAT exam and apply for each of them.

Ok. Let’s get real.

The fact is there is no such university. You would need to design your career/education and life.

The following are some recommendation that I would have if you are looking at becoming a professional trader

    1. Your best bet in this case would be to pursue - Chartered Market Technician Program this program. Its a self study program and you would need to clear a qualifying exam to be certified. Pretty well recognized in the industry. - Please note this is not at all a necessity. Nor is it sufficient by itself. Its a nice to have certification.
    2. There are no other professionally run courses that I would recommend. Always go with a “Caveat emptor” mindset when looking for a commercially run program.
    3. Zerodha has done an awesome job of creating content for an Indian context - Zerodha Varsity - This could be a good starting point.
    4. Look for mentors on Twitter, Trading forums, Seminars, Conferences - identify who are the people who contribute better, connect and seek inputs. Again, not easy, but this is what works in the longer run. And yes please beware of snake oil sellers, there are thousands of them. And the best actually never sell, because they don’t have to, they trade for a living.
    5. Create a learning plan and ecosystem for yourself - Listen to videos, podcasts - make notes, structure your learning, that would help you connect the dots.
    6. In this whole process you will learn a lot about trading and also about your own personality and what kind of trading works for you. From this phase onward you would become more nuanced in what you want to learn. That would be the starting point on your way to become a professional.

Finally want to leave this post with a task for you - Listen to a dozen interviews of traders on - Chat With Traders Podcast | Hosted by Aaron Fifield - Usually Aaron starts with the question - How did you get into Trading?