Standing on the shoulder of giants

Long weekend and I was reflecting on all the people who have helped me on my journey to become a better trader, these are the people who've in many ways influenced my thoughts, some of them have taken time out to help me understand certain nuances. You know who you are. My heartfelt gratitude to all. 

Listing in no particular order, but categorized based on medium

Youtube Channels

1. Chat with traders  - Aaron does a fantastic job of interviewing people. There are some podcasts that I have gone back to several time. I will create a separate list of must listens later.

2. SBM Capital - Mike Bellafiore and his team at SBM do an awesome job of sharing knowledge again a someone I look up to and a channel that I follow. Really no nonsense stuff.

3. - This is another channel with very relevant webinars.

4. Wikimaniacs - Fairly good assortment of content, they have all the popular and big names covered.


1. Trader Laboratory - This one is absolute gold. Esp. follow content by jperl and soultrader. I owe these guys a lot. 

2. Forex Factory - Follow posts by dee50

3. Capital Mind - This is a paid one, but have learnt a lot from various people and the discussions, esp. vyr

4. Twitter - I will put this in the category of forums - the below list of people are worth following

  1. @Thakker_Inv

    Network Engineer by profession. Market Profile learner and trader.

  2. jay


    Entrepreneur & Independent Nifty Future trader. Market profile,Volume,ADX. Tweets are commentary only, you must analyze & trade at your own risk!

  3. Lance Beggs


    Futures Trader & Trading Educator

  4. Varun


    l Am The Smart Money U Guys Talk About . Travel ,Food ,Fitness ,Yoga,Stock markets and Harvey Specter

  5. 30m & OF


    Tweets are only for learning purposes, I don't recommend anyone to follow me or my tweets and act based on them since I make mistakes all the time.

  6. Last Hour Trader


    Avid Reader, Keen Observer, Curious Learner, Skeptically Optimistic. On Twitter for learning and sharing knowledge. 

  7. RK


    Life revolves around Nifty,BNF,Basket of 15 stocks,Market Profile and Ilaiyaraja

  8. QuanTrader


    "Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas." - Albert Einstein

  9. Shai


    Index Trader on NSE trading with MarketProfile + OrderFlow. Reach me -

  10. AP


    Chem engineer in international oil & gas industry; Technical analysis of stock mkts / Sports; Tweets on mkt purely meant for educational purpose

  11. Rishi Umrania


    #AMT #MP #VSA #OFA Hybrid Trader = Discretionary system - Systematic discretion. Founder @justfintech & Gaffer in Film Industry. 

  12. Sunchartist


    Macro / Technical analysis a labour of love , travel, foodie, current affairs

  13. Brett Steenbarger


    Trading coach, psychologist, author, blogger, and stock index trader

  14. Raghunath


    Markets, NSE, Futures and Options. Ideas & Strategies in FnO. Anything posted on the timeline should not be taken as an advice but for only…

  15. Prashanth


    Chartered Market Technician, Stock Market Trader, Systematic Trend Following, History & Movie Buff.

Websites & Blogs

1. TastyTrade - I think I have spoken enough about this in the past. 

2. Trading Naked - Nice site for basics of Market Profile

3. - Again search within the blog and the site, this is another treasure trove.

4. - How can we not include Brett's blog. This is my go to place for anything to do with trading psychology, also sometimes find interesting information about market probabilities and statistics.

That's pretty much for now, I will keep updating this list as I go along. Hope this helps you get started.