Mastery Series - Neurobiology of Practice & More

This is first one in the series on Mastery 

Pick up any text about Mastery and you are sure to stumble on ideas of Deliberate Practice, Reflective Practice and the famous 10000 hour rule by Anders Ericsson.

This short Ted-Ed video is a good watch as a segue in to the topic.

Here is what it talks about

  1. What does practice do to our brains - The neurobiology of Practice 
  2. How many hours of practice do we need for Mastery?
  3. What kind of practice matters?
  4. What constitutes quality practice?
  5. Beyond practicing is there anything else that one can do?

Watch this video to get the answers to these questions. At the end, Trading or Scalping after all is a skill and like any other skill needs sustained efforts and intense practice over long periods of time.

So off I go. Time for some reflective practice.