DaVinci Trade Rate - Features & Description


  • Displays per bar trade rate or volume rate - user selection. You can have two instances of the same indicator as shown in the image to isolate spikes on both parameters.

  • User defined threshold markers for high and low speed values. Along with price bar painting feature and sound alert. (This is a feature which I have added)

  • Mark Range - If you want to isolate a specific range of value you can use this feature. This is on top of the high and low speed thresholds

Full Screen View

Settings Page

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This indicator is meant for Futures and Stocks Only. You also need to have access to tick charts. There are primarily two parts to this indicator. Trade rate display of Volume, and Trade Rate of Price/Ticks, both of which are displayed in the indicator panel.

On the price pane, the price bars are also painted based on the selected colors for the thresholds.

You can use this indicator on multiple machines.

Support & Enhancement

For any issues feel free to write to me on srao@niftyscalper.com - I would try my best to respond in 24 hrs.

If you need any enhancements or additional features. It would typically be billed at a minimum of USD 70 and upwards.

Payment & Refunds

You have two payment options, Instamojo and PayPal. If you choose to pay through Instamojo you will receive the indicator file instantaneously, and with PayPal payments, you will receive the indicator in your mail within 24 hours.

Given that the indicators have open access code, I may not be able to refund your payments.

In INR (Indian Rupees) this indicators would cost you INR 2499 and in USD (US Dollar) $30.