Mastery by Robert Greene | Book Excerpt & Summary

I am not much into reading books as much as I listen to them. Given my schedule these days, I have very little time on me to explore book ideas, so I leave that job to the missus. One such recommendation that came from her was this book called Mastery by Robert Greene. And what a recommendation it turned out to be.

Being one who believes in singular focus and specialization, I got deeply influenced by the book.

Here is a visual summary by Ste Davies.


A longish Google talk by the Author here.

The book made me think about a few things

1) Are you deeply interested in what you want to master? Are you more interested in the process or the outcome? Learning vs. Money

2) Who inspires you? Do you know the degree of effort they had to put in to get where they are today?

3) Are you willing to go through at least 10,000 hours of Deep Observation, Skill Development and Experimentation?

4) To what extent are you willing to endure pain on the path to mastery?

5) Do you have faith in the process, that you would get there?

These are the questions that I reflect on. Let me know what you think.